We all love sneakers. There are great innovative new brands that produce sustainable and stylish sneakers. We think these sneakers deserve much more attention and with kula we want to create a place where sustainable sneakers are in focus.

We can hardly believe it ourselves. The worldwide annual production of running shoes alone consumes as much CO2 as the whole country of Spain in one year. With sneakers and running shoes from sustainable production, this CO2 pollution can be significantly reduced. So the more people change over, the "kula" our earth will remain.

With kula we want to create something together with you that is fun and at the same time helps to protect our planet: A community for sustainable sneaker and running shoe lovers, a webshop and in the future also pop-up stores in the city.

By buying your new sneakers you make a statement for sustainability, fair production and fair trade. All the brands are united by resource-saving production, sustainable materials used and fair paid employees in the manufactories. By selling the sneakers, we and all our manufacturers also support exciting social projects.

As kula.people you do triple good.

We want to stand up to the overpowering and unsustainable sneaker brands. To achieve this, sustainable sneaker brands have to become more popular. Every single brand will have a hard time. But together we can do it.

kula.people that is you, your fellow students, your colleagues in the office, your friends, your parents or children, uncles and aunts. So everyone who is close to you and for whom you wish for a better world.

The kula-Team

I think it is better to do something against climate change in many small steps than to hope that others will do it. From nutrition to consumption, if everyone takes a little more responsibly, it will be better for everyone.

I am passionate about running and would like sustainable running shoes to shape the image of the big running events sooner rather than later. That's also why we founded kula.

I am very enthusiastic about fashion. For some time now, I have been putting more and more sustainable garments in my wardrobe, often supplemented by second hand items. Of course, this is not always possible, but many small steps are better than no steps at all. For kula I organize the social media activities.

I like fashion and sports. Finding beautiful, sustainable and functional items is not that easy. The visibility of the brands is still not strong enough. I want to change that and support kula in the area of social media and community

I have been involved with non-profit organizations for many years. The responsible treatment of people and the environment is important to me, and I would like to pass on a good planet to the next generation. For kula I win and support corporate sponsors who are committed to sustainability. 

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