Our Mission

Bring the best sustainable sneaker brands together and inspire people to move on the sustainable path.

kula means "to eat" in Kiswahili language. With every sold pair of shoes we support our East African partner project.

Together with our partner Kipepeo we try to establish a sustainable shoe production "Made in Kenya" and support the "Songa Mbele Na Masomo" Children Center. 

The quality certificates of our brands

The environmental seals of the kula brands. When choosing our sneakers we pay attention to 3 things. Sustainable and fair production. Sophisticated design and comfort. A project for the environment or society on the part of the brands. Whether vegan or vegetable tanned, organic cotton or natural rubber, the materials and processes used are subject to high standards and are proven in eco seals. So you have the security to wear something that brings joy not only to you, but to nature and the people who make them.

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